Consultancy & Training

SPIRAL Community Hub is a Community Development Co-operative which undertakes local projects and who’s members can undertake consultancy work in Community Development Projects, Group Facilitation, Community Consultation,  and community education projects.

The consultancy arm of SPIRAL is made up of qualified and experienced people in the fields of community development, adult education, horticulture and Permaculture and sustainable design.

SPIRAL members have a rich experience of working along side people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, locally and internationally.  We have a strong commitment to acknowledging and respecting first nation peoples in our work.  We also have a strong commitment to working in solidarity with people displaced by conflict, and political and economic hardship.

Funds developed from the consultancy arm are directed to the ‘community development fund’ which can be diverted to innovative projects for which we may find it difficult to attract other sources of funding.


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