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Non Toxic Painting People

25th April 2013

“The environment we live and work in impacts our health as much as the food we eat.” 

SPIRAL Social Enterprise Hub is launching a new social enterprise specializing in toxic free, eco friendly painting services for private, business, the community and public sector. 

The Non Toxic Painting People is dedicated to professional customer service including using products that are best for our client’s health and the environment.  We specialise in the use and specification of Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints (also known as non toxic paints, eco paints, organic paints, and natural paints). 
Why choose us? 
1.     Quality workmanship and attention to detail sets us apart from many painters. Our small and committed staff team care about each and every job, quality control is carried out by our lead painter who paints as part of the team on a daily basis. We use traditional techniques and prepare surfaces thoroughly ensuring the top coats give a long lasting great looking finish.
2.     Beautiful paint Bring colour to your world. The paints we use are great for use in homes and workplaces requiring a stylish, hard wearing finish. We have a long list of happy customers and testimonials!  We can match virtually any paint colour as well as having an outstanding selection from Rockcote’s Ecostyle range.
3.     Protect your health Chemicals from conventional paints have been found in breast milk, contribute to cancer in painters, and can trigger allergic reactions e.g. asthma and dermatitis. Using non toxic paints lightens the chemical load of your house. We use drop sheets everywhere we work, and clean up at the end of every day. With no waiting period required; you can return to your space immediately.
4.     Help the environment. We are committed to being a ‘Green Company” with water wise policies and using environmentally friendly products; which in turn lightens your carbon footprint!

5.    Professional Experienced Painters  Our painters are some of the best in the business with long experience in using Non Toxic paints.  We are licensed by the BSA (license number 1248575). 

6.     We can achieve most jobs  From private homes, office blocks, community centres, aged care units, child care centres we have the capacity to get the job done. 

Call us today for a quote or email us. Our Number is 07 3844 7733


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